Easily Annotate and Share Webpages with Marker.To

Have you ever wanted to share highlighted information from a website with someone? How do you typically solve this dilemma? Do you print out the document and physically hand it to someone else? Not only is this practice time consuming, it is also quickly becoming obsolete.


The Chrome Extension Marker.to gives you the ability to annotate and send your webpages to others. Simply highlight text on a webpage (using a yellow highlighter), click on the Marker.to extension icon to highlight your text, and send the text to someone else via social media or a link. The other person does not need the extension installed or even use the Chrome browser to see what you highlighted!

How does it work? 

Watch my brief video below:


This is a great tool for students and teachers alike. Someone using this tool can find and highlight valuable information on the Internet without the need for special software, apps, or extensions!

I also like the fact that you can keep analytical information (the number of clicks) to your link. This is a great way to keep your students accountable - if you are sending them information and want them to check out a highlighted webpage that you created. You can do this by clicking on the My Markers link on the Marker.to webpage.

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