Help Create Student Engagement with ClassKick

Student engagement is a highly debated issue in education today. Brain research has revealed that we can engage students through recruiting interest, sustaining effort and persistence, and helping develop self-regulation skills (CAST, 2017).

Providing timely feedback is one way to create engagement and help sustain student effort and persistence. ClassKick is an excellent tool to provide students with engaging assignment, monitor progress, and provide timely feedback. ClassKick is free and is available for students to use on an iPad, Chromebook, laptop, or desktop.


There is a paid version of ClassKick; however, the free version offers many great tools and resources for both teachers and students in the classroom.

  • View "live" student work and write real-time feedback. You can watch your students as they progress through a lesson without any expensive monitoring software. 
  • Share content through text, written instructions, audio recordings, text, links, and images. 
  • Students can "raise their hand" if they have any questions. Teachers can see who has a question and offer timely help. 
  • Real-time feedback is enhanced with the ability to add teacher comments, pre-made feedback stickers, annotate student's work, and grade assignments. 
  • You can enable student helpers, who provide feedback to other students. 

Want to know more? Check out the ClassKick in 1 Minute video below:

How do I get started?

First, visit the ClassKick website or open the App to to create a free account. 

Next, you will want to create your first assignment. Add content in the form of text, audio, images, and recordings. 

Finally, open your assignment and share with your students by using the ClassKick App and entering your class code. 

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