Creating and Sharing a TIP Vocabulary Chart in Google Sheets

Vocabulary is an essential component of learning; however, many of our students struggle with understanding vocabulary terms. A lack of background experience often creates barriers to learning new vocabulary terms. How can we provide our students with effective ways to access and understand new vocabulary terms?

What is the TIP Chart?

In her book, Learning the Fast Lane, author Suzie Pepper Rollins describes a vocabulary method called a TIP Chart, which stands for:

  • Term
  • Information
  • Picture
Using a TIP Chart provides students with multiple means of representing vocabulary terms so that students have the foundational knowledge and experiences to understand terms. Here's an example of the term bridge: 

Make Your TIP Chart Interactive! 

I like the idea of using a TIP Chart to help students learn important terms. Here are some suggestions to make it even better!

1. Make an electronic version of a TIP Chart in Google Docs, Slides, or Sheets. This will allow students to have access to it inside and outside of the classroom. If we want students to use vocabulary outside of the classroom, then we need to provide ways for them to access terms. Using technology is a great way to make it portable.

2. Share Your TIP Chart with a QR Code, shortened URL, or post it to your Google Classroom. The idea is to provide students with access.

3. Add links to additional videos and websites to provide different exposures to the term. Sites like YouTube, YouTube 360, Flocabulary and Quizlet provide students with great visuals and videos to better understand terms. 

Creating and Sharing a TIP Chart in Google Sheets

Want to see how I created mine in Google Sheets? Check out my video below:

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