Use Google Keep to Create Collaborative Checklists and Reminders Based on Location

Have you ever considered using Google Keep as a tool for students to set goals, monitor progress, create to-do lists, or set up reminders? Here are some creative ways to help students stay organized using Google Keep:

1. Create Checklists

Do you incorporate Project-Based Learning in your classroom? Creating checklists is an extremely helpful scaffolding tool for setting goals or creating checklists. Simply create a new list, click on the three vertical dots, and show checkboxes!

Checklists are extremely helpful for dividing up tasks, creating grocery lists, or creating goals for the week.

2. Collaborate with Others

Did you know that your notes in Google Keep can be shared with others? Simply, click on the collaborator icon and choose who you want to share your note with. This is the perfect tool for sharing ideas, tasks, links, and notes for completing group projects.

3. Set-Up Reminders Based on Location or Time

Did you know that you can set up reminders for Google Keep based on a date or a particular location? This could be helpful for completing assignments. Perhaps students who struggle with completing homework need a reminder when they get home. Perhaps you need to remind students to complete the final phase of their project next week. Reminders are a great way to do it!


Setting goals and measuring progress is an important way for our students to develop important executive functioning skills. Google Keep could be a great tool for students to aid in collaboration, setting goals, and developing checklists.

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