Google Docs Version History as a Classroom Management Strategy

Although it is nothing new to learning, you probably know that many of our students use Google Docs as a way to chat with one another during the day. Collaboration can be a good thing, but it can also be a distraction too. It’s probably a good idea to periodically monitor and talk to students about your expectations of their use of Google Docs.

I developed the following video (2 minutes) for you in case you want to remind students how everything is done on a Google Doc can be seen. The video shows how to use Version History to see everything that was ever done on a document. This can be a helpful tool to have in your toolbelt of classroom management strategies.

NOTE: Version History can only be accessed on a computer or Chromebook. If you are interested in seeing a student’s Version History, just share the document to Google account and access it via a computer.


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