4 Ways Tech Will Excite Students on Read Across America Day

As we approach Read Across America Day (March 2, 2017), I want to share with you four activities to increase your student' passion for reading!

1. Retell Your Story with Shadow Puppets EDU

We remember 90% of what we teach others. Why not use technology to have your students retell or summarize a story? A teacher that I work with uses Shadow Puppets EDU to have her students retell the major points of the story using first, next, then, and finally.

2. Sequencing Practice with Post-It Plus 

Sequencing can be a major challenge for students. Why not write down the major details of a story on post-it notes? Place the post-it notes on a table. Have students use the Post-It Plus App to scan, re-organize, and write/draw/type additional information on the virtual post-it notes.

3. Create Book Trailers!

Why should students only be excited for 1 week? Why not have students create book trailers of their  favorite books using iMovie. Each trailer can contain exciting information, powerful quotations, and reasons for reading the book.

One librarian that I know, posts the videos online (YouTube or Google Drive are great options) and creates QR Codes for students to access trailers online! You can put your QR code on posters, walls, and even the books!

4. Skype or Do a Google Hangout

It is becoming increasingly more difficult to have guests come into schools. Why not open your classroom up via Google Hangouts or Skype? One teacher that I know is having an adult read to her first grade class through Skype.


What are you doing for Read Across America Day? I would love to hear your creative and innovative ideas!


  1. We are doing Cat in the Hat Readers Theatre via Google Hangouts. My kids are making their own props!


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