Don't You Forget About Me....SafeShareTV

Video is an important aspect of many blended classrooms; however, have you thought about where you have your students access videos? Questionable suggested videos have prevented many educators from using YouTube, but have you considered using SafeShare TV?

This has been a tool that has been around for quite some time, but I have found that many teachers have forgotten about it!  This is a great tool for removing the distractions that could appear when using YouTube or Vimeo without needing to download and convert videos. Simply copy and paste your video's URL and SafeShare TV does the rest. 

What does SafeShare do?

  • Removes advertisements from videos
  • Customize the start and end times of videos
  • No more advertisements for related or suggested videos! 
  • Share your video safely

Don't forget about SafeShare TV! It is such an important tool.

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