Stoplight Technique for Technology

Classroom management is extremely important when using technology; however, many teachers are looking for new ways to communicate, reduce behavioral issues, and share expectations. I recently came across an excellent idea from @edtechwunder on the stoplight technique.

How it Works:

Create a stoplight sign, where each light communicates a different message to students about how tech will be used that day.

For instance, green means that students should have devices open to start the beginning of class. Yellow means that students will be using technology later in the class period, but devices should be closed to start class. Red means that students will not be using technology that day in class.


Place your sign outside of your classroom or another visible area inside of your classroom. Then use a binder clip to signify how technology will or will not be used in your classroom. This is a great tool to help students stay on task, understand the day's expectations, and reduce the number of questions students have.

Do you have any other cool classroom management ideas? Reply below and tell me about them!

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