Book Talks with SeeSaw

If you are an elementary teacher, you have most likely heard about or have used the online portfolio App called SeeSaw. I love this App because there are so many different ways for students to express their understanding.

3 Sent Book Talk Format

Recently, I met Chrissy in a Twitter Chat. She mentioned to me about how she has students use SeeSaw to create "selfie videos" to practice fluency, summarize text, or respond to a prompt. I was intrigued by her 3 Sent Book Talk format that she learned from Hacking Literacy.

Students use the SeeSaw App to record themselves answering the following questions in 1 sentence each:

  1.  What's the gist of your book's plot? 
  2. Why did you like it or dislike it? 
  3. Who else should read the book? 

 Other Ways to Do the Same Thing

Although I had mentioned that this activity could be done on SeeSaw, it may be helpful to think about other ways this task could be done - especially for older students who may prefer using another application.

  • You could have students use their device's camera, record a video, and upload to a website, blog, or LMS.
  • Students could import their video into iMovie to make a more professional looking product. 
  • After developing a PowerPoint or Google Slide show presentation, students could use a screencasting program like Screencast-o-matic, Screencastify, or Quick Time to record their presentation. 
Whichever way you have students respond, the whole idea is that they are responding and thinking critically. What other activities do you like to do? What other programs do you use? 

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