eLearning Revolution Conference

Hello everyone!

I am presenting at the eLearning Revolution conference at IU 13 in Lancaster, PA today. Here are materials from my presentation.

9 Ways GAFE Can Address Diversity in the Classroom
9:40 - 10:40 am in Room 104

The way that we learn is as different as our DNA, which makes educating a classroom of thirty students very difficult. If you are a GAFE school, then you know the power of Apps, Add-ons, and Extensions; however, are you using these tools to strategically address the needs of all students? Join Matt Bergman as he shares with you strategies to address the needs of all learners as he explores GAFE through a UDL lens. Participants will learn how to use a variety of Google Apps, Add-ons, and Extensions to meet the needs of all students in their classroom.

What are You Doing with the Last 5? 
11 am - 12 pm in Room 104

The last five minutes of a class period are one of the most notoriously wasted parts of class. Students often use this time to pack up materials, socialize, and get into trouble. What if there were strategies and tools to maximize this wasted time period? Join Matt Bergman as he shares with you practical and effective strategies to use technology to maximize learning and reclaim the last five minutes of class. Participants will learn how to incorporate effective technology tools and strategies to maximize learning in a timely manner (5 minutes).


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