#ISTE2015: DAQRI Human Body Augmented Reality App

As curriculum becomes more student-driven, we need to look for ways for students to interact with content in new ways. More and more teachers are using Augmented Reality (AR) tools to make an impact on student learning. I just came across a new AR tool called DAQRI, which will allow students to peer into the human body in 4-D!

This App is available on the iTunes and Android stores. It may be very well worth checking into! According to its website:

"Anatomy 4D puts every detail of the most complex human bodily systems into a free app that is easy to use, accessible, and truly engaging. Learners explore bodily systems in depth through DAQRI’s 4D experience, which provides the opportunity to understand their interrelationships spatially – a learning experience previously only accessible in a gross anatomy lab."

Using the App is very simple. Simply open up the DAQRI App and point it towards a printout called a "target" (see picture on right). You can print this "target" out from the website or App itself. Then use the App to explore the human body. How cool is that? It sure beats a textbook!

As we learn more about how students learn, we understand that students need different ways to interact and understand concepts. This tool provides students with a hands-on approach to learning anatomy, which has been very difficult to do in the past.


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