Like NearPod? Then Love Nearpodize This!

I have been using NearPod and Google Slides for a long time; however, I recently came across a Chrome Extension that puts both of my favorite tools together. What is it called? Nearpodize This!

In short, this Chrome Extension will take your existing Google Slides presentation and convert it into a NearPod presentation immediately. In NearPod, you will be able to add activities like multiple choice questions, drawing activities, and short responses.

What is NearPod? 
If you are not familiar with NearPod, it is a web-based presentation platform and assessment tool, which allows you to create interactive multimedia presentations. Once you have created content, it can be viewed and shared on any device, such as laptops, Smart Phones, and tablets. NearPod allows you to quickly gather student responses, share the responses, and access response data on PDF reports. 

Nearpodize This and UDL

Nearpodize This! provides an engaging and interactive way of representing content. Students are able to stay on task because the teacher controls the pace OR students can go at their own pace through the Homework feature. Nearpodize This! also give students the opportunity to demonstrate their understanding or show what they know in different ways. 

Have you used Nearpodize This! in the classroom? I'd love to hear your feedback!


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