The Power of Annotation: 3 Ways to Use Skitch

Pictures speak a thousand words and Skitch may be able to speak volumes in your classroom.  If you are not familiar with Skitch, it is an annotation App brought to you by Evernote. Here are three ways you can use it in your classroom:

#1 - Begin a Unit with BINGO

Why not create a BINGO card to pre-assess students to see what they know? Populate the card with trivia, tasks, etc.

Have students find someone in the room who can answer an item on the card.  Annotate it with Skitch! Create a BINGO card, project it on your screen, and have your students take a picture with their iPad.

# 2 - Labels Galore 

Remember the days of labeling diagrams? Skitch adds another dimension to labeling! If you were discussing the skeletal system, students can take a picture of the skeleton and label it with Skitch. Are you talking about adjectives? Students can take a picture and label all of the adjectives in the picture. Are you discussing the parts of a plant? Take a picture of the plant and label the parts.

#3 - Solve Math Problems

Math teachers always want to see how you solved a problem. Have students take a picture or screenshot of a math problem and annotate it with Skitch. This is a great way to see all of the work.


Are you using Skitch? How are you using Skitch to annotate student work?


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