Reclaiming the #Last5Minutes of Class: 3 Exit Ticket Tools

What if there were a way that you could gain 25 extra instructional minutes a week, 2 extra class periods a month, and 18 extra class periods a year? Effectively using the last five minutes of class is the answer. In this series, I would like to help you reclaim the #last5minutes of class.

My last post focused on how you could use a camera to solve problems. Today I would like to focus on creative ways to use exit tickets to gather information.

Exit Tickets:

Whether you call it a parking lot, exit ticket, or ticket out the door, exit tickets are an important formative assessment tool. Here are 3 tools that you can use for creating your own exit tickets:

Idea # 1: Socrative Exit Tickets

What I like about Socrative is that it has a built in Exit Ticket feature available, so there is no need to prep. This pre-made template includes three basic questions:

  1. A multiple choice question asking "How well did you understand today's material?"
  2. A short answer question asking "What did you learn in class today?" 
  3. A short answer question asking "Please answer the teacher's question." You could verbally ask students your own question or write it on the board.
I like that there is very little prep time and students can use mobile devices or computers to answer questions; however, it limits how students can answer questions and demonstrate their understanding. 

Idea # 2: Padlet

If you are not familiar with Padlet, it allows you to create your own virtual post-it note board. Students do not have to have a username to access. Instead they need the hyperlink to your Padlet. 

This tool provides students with multiple means of showing what they know. Students can respond by:
  • Entering text
  • Recording a message via their webcam
  • Adding a hyperlink 
  • Uploading files and documents
If you are looking to provide students with flexibility in how they respond, this is a great tool to do so. 

Idea # 3: Video Exit Tickets with MoveNote

Have you ever considered using audio or video to create an exit ticket? Think about the difficulties many of our students with or without learning disabilities have.  They know the content; however, they may have trouble getting it on paper. 

Why not have students create a video exit ticket with MoveNote? It has a variety of platforms to choose from, including an App and Chrome extension. 

If you are not familiar with this tool, it is an interactive presentation tool. You can upload pictures as visuals, while you explain it through video from your web cam. It can be easily shared and provides students with a way to share what they understand. 


No matter the tool, it is important to use the last five minutes of class as a way to gather information to adjust instruction. I'd love to hear more exit ticket ideas. What other tools would you use? 


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